Outside In” is a collaboration between King’s College London PhD candidate Ruth Bowyer of the Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology and South London based artist MURUGIAH.

This project is supported by King’s College Culture team as part of the Collaborative Innovation Scheme for Early Career Researchers.

The project aims to visually explore the myriad of ways our environment relates to our microbes. The resulting mural seeks to raise discussion of the interaction between our health, our physical and past environments and our microbes. When the work is complete, you are invited to engage with the piece and share what you think – a digital platform to do so will be provided on this blog when the mural is complete.

Who are we?

MURUGIAH was raised in South Wales with Sri Lankan origins and currently resides in London, UK. Working with inspiration from surrealism and pop culture he uses strong colour and line to create bold impactful imagery. In 2014, he won a D&AD award and has exhibited his work in galleries from France to the USA.

Ruth is a PhD candidate at King’s College London in the Department of Twin Research and genetic epidemiology, as part of Dr Claire Steves‘ lab. With a background in ecology, her research focuses on how environmental factors, such as where and how you live, may influence the composition of your gut microbiota.